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There is no better way to confirm whether a crypto robot for trading Bitcoins is legit than testing the system. This is what we do, my team identifies auto trading platforms that claim to deliver excellent results, and we test these trading robots.

In this review, we have written our report after testing the Crypto Revolt. It is an auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies, our experience with Crypto Revolt has been outstanding, so we are happy to write this report and hope that more people will start benefiting from the platform just like we have. We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit.

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Crypto Revolt worked flawlessly like some other auto trading platforms we have tested, and its features are up to our standards. We confirmed that current users of this automated trading system are making as much as $1,000 daily. This is achievable; we found out that Crypto Revolt has an extremely high success rate, confirmed with our analytical testing tools and experience.

On the platform, trades are made for all users; the auto trading system is an advantage that allows investors who may not have the time or skill benefit from trading cryptocurrencies. In 2019, cryptocurrencies have been identified as the most rewarding investment; we are happy that auto trading platforms such as Crypto Revolt exist to help more people invest and become financially independent.\

Continue reading to learn more about our experience with Crypto Revolt;

Is Crypto Revolt Legit? Yes!

Is Crypto Revolt Legit? Yes!

We can confidently write in our report that Crypto Revolt is legit; the auto trading platform offers all users a chance to earn a profit daily from trading cryptocurrencies. We understand that many people are not sure about auto trading platforms for cryptocurrencies because the system does all the work. This is why we organize ourselves into a group of professionals and crypto traders to test these systems; we identify those that work and the scams.

We are happy to inform our readers that they can confidently invest in Crypto Revolt and earn a profit daily.

This is how we confirmed that Crypto Revolt is legit and a genuine auto trading platform with working features. We tested the system with the best analytical tools available, and the results showed that Crypto Revolt has a high success rate at 95%; we were impressed with this result and felt more confident in investing. We created a new Crypto Revolt account and made a live trade, which earned us a profit at the end of the trading session. The system works, Crypto Revolt is in the class of other excellent auto trading platforms such as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Loophole and Bitcoin Profit.

Is Crypto Revolt Reliable? The Verdict!

We can confirm that all the features on Crypto Revolt work flawlessly, we carefully tested each feature, and the outcome was excellent. Here are our conclusions;

  • Our test results confirm that the success score for this auto trading platform is approximately 95%, which is very high and impressive,
  • There is nothing like a scam on this auto trading platform; we tested the payout system and deposits; everything works flawlessly with no hidden fees.
  • The minimum deposit a user can make to activate live trade feature on Crypto Revolt is $250.
  • To get started click on this link.

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What is Crypto Revolt?

What is Crypto Revolt?

Crypto Revolt is an auto trading platform that works with robots programmed to perform trades in the cryptocurrency market for users. The system works based on a sophisticated algorithm that analyses the cryptocurrency market to reveal trades that can earn a profit for the user’s account the robot is trading from. Trades are automatically done with the deposit in the user’s account. On average, each user can earn a profit of $1,000 daily.

While testing the features of the Crypto Revolt and its trading robots, we focused on how to create a new account, making a deposit, and activating the live trade on the platform. We also tested the response rate on the customer help desk; all these features worked perfectly.

The auto trading process

The cryptocurrency market works based on different market signals which indicate a potential rise or a fall in prices of the different coins that a traded. These signals are important; they reveal potential opportunities to earn on the market. The robots on this platform are programmed to closely analyse these market signals and make lightning-fast decisions to perform trades before a profitable market situation changes. This means, auto trading robots perform better than manual trades because they are faster and more accurate.

We noticed the affiliation with reputable brokers on Crypto Revolt, the function of these brokers is to monitor the activities or the trading robots and confirm that trades are profitable to ensure all users earn daily profits.

How to Open a Crypto Revolt Account – Step by Step

We have included a comprehensive guide on how to open a new Crypto Revolt account. These steps are based on our experience. We needed a new account to test the features of this auto trading platform; we really needed to confirm that it works. Opening an account was very easy; we started and had a new account registered in less than five minutes.

Auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency remain the best option for people who can’t go through the extensive training some of us endured to become expert cryptocurrency traders. These robots make it so easy to earn a daily profit; it is an excellent opportunity to grow a passive income in addition to your regular job. Over time, the income from trading cryptocurrencies will be much more than your monthly salary and consistent.

Here are the steps we followed to open our new Crypto Revolt account;

Step 1: Registration

After opening the homepage, we navigated to the signup page to begin the process of opening a new account. It was simple; we only needed to enter my full name, email address, and a phone number.


Next, we created a password for the new account and hit the “Join” tab. Verification text was sent to the email and phone number, to confirm the account has been opened.

Step 2: Deposit


After confirming the registration of our new account, we proceeded to make our first deposit. We needed to make a deposit because we had to test the live trade feature on the platform. There were multiple payment options, which we think is a brilliant idea. Payments can be made through the Broker capital trade platform and converted to the equivalent value in Bitcoins or Ethereum. We decided to test the live trade feature with a minimum deposit of $250.

Step 3: Demo trading

Demo trading

The demo feature shows how real trades are done on the system. It reveals how the trading robots work, and it is an important feature on Crypto Revolt. We tested the demo trading feature; it worked without any problems. We observed the presence of features such as the signal tab, cryptocurrency calendar, and video charts which show the market trends. These are helpful features that make it easy for users to understand how the auto trading system works.

Step 4: Activating Live Trading

We were excited about testing the live trade feature on Crypto Revolt. There was sufficient information on the platform to help all users understand how live trading works. We selected our preferred currency pair and activated the live trade. We sat back to watch the system make money for us, by trading with the deposit in our account.

Note: We encourage new users to study how automated trading works with the demo feature; it is the same thing as live trading experience. By analysing the demo feature, you can understand how the robots function to detect and place profitable trades for you. Click here to check it out.

Crypto Revolt: Key Features


Crypto Revolt offers users a chance to make as much as $13,000 daily. We can confirm that this is possible after testing the system and getting a high success score. The payout system works efficiently, it is accurate, and all payouts are automatically calculated after the trading session. There are no hidden fees, a commission is charged only on profits, and the balance is credited to the user’s account.

Verification System

The verification system during account registration was also an excellent idea. We received an email notifying us that our details have been verified. Making withdrawals is an easy process because the users’ details have already been verified. We noticed that the verification also lowers the risks of wrong payments during withdrawals.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Withdrawals and deposits on Crypto Revolt is transparent, there were no hidden fees, we made a deposit of $250, the minimum deposit value allowed, to test the system and that is the value credited to our account. It is also a fast process, which is good because the market rates can change in a matter of seconds.


We have tested Crypto Revolt and can confirm that there are no hidden fees or broker fees before and after trading sessions. A commission is only charged on your profit at the end of trading; this means you only get charged when you earn. We think this is a fair deal.

User Testimonials

The website also features a segment for user testimonials. These reports document the experience of current users on the auto trading platform. We observed that many of these testimonials are positive, which is not surprising because we have had a positive experience on the platform as well.

Customer Service

As mentioned earlier, we tested the customer support center and got a fast response. We didn’t have any problems but needed to know how fast the customer support team responds to inquiries on the platform. The customer service is available 24/7 on Crypto Revolt.


The brokers are on the platform to ensure that all users earn a profit. We did a check to confirm that all the brokers affiliated with Crypto Revolt are certified and reputable. We attribute the high success score on the platform to the fast processes performed by trading robots and vetting by brokers.

Crypto Revolt versus Other Robots

Crypto Revolt Other robots
Crypto Revolt Other robots
Crypto Revolt is affiliated with reputable brokers who have many years of experience.  It is difficult to ascertain the experience and reputation of brokers on other trading platforms.
Crypto Revolt permits all its users to activate live trading after making a minimum deposit of $250. The deposits on other trading platforms are too high, which raises risks and prevents many people from joining.
Crypto Revolt has a high success score of 95%.  It is difficult to determine the success score on many other auto trading platforms because their processes are not transparent.
Everyone can open a new account and start trading without special trading knowledge.  It is difficult to open a new account on many other trading platforms, the system requires too much information, and it takes many days before the account opening request is approved.
Fast withdrawals, usually processed within 24-hours.  Withdrawals may not be confirmed and approved for weeks, which is inconvenient.

Why should you trade with Crypto Revolt?

During our test and review, we noted some important advantages of trading with Crypto Revolt, here they are;

  • The auto trading platform is User-Friendly. The user interface on this platform is friendly and easy to navigate, we are no strangers when it comes to using these systems, but from its features, we know that everyone will have a good experience on the platform.
  • High success score. Our tests reveal that the trading platform has a high success score. This means all users who make a deposit and activate the live trade feature stand a high chance of earning a profit after their first trading session. Our test results show that the success score on Crypto Revolt is as high as 95%.
  • Demo account. The demo account helps new users to study how auto trading is done on the platform. The demo account works exactly like the real-time trading activities. After using the demo trading feature, users can decide to start a live trade or leave the platform if they are not satisfied with the processes.
  • Fast Withdrawals. We can confirm that withdrawals on Crypto Revolt are processed in 24-hours. This is fast and convenient for traders who need access to their profits quickly.

Who can make money on Crypto Revolt?

Everyone can open a new account and earn on Crypto Revolt. The platform is available in different countries all over the world. You can earn even more when you make higher deposits. However, it is essential to note the following tips while starting your investment experience with Crypto Revolt.

  1.  Start trading with the minimum deposit. It is a smart idea to start trading with the minimum deposit of $250; you can start earning from your first trading session. This means you can quickly grow your profit and deposit higher amounts after a month or two of trading.
  2.  Withdraw Your Profits. Every time you earn a profit initiate withdrawals. Your profit should be saved in a bank account instead of leaving it on the system, after withdrawing your profit, invest the capital to earn more.
  3.  Read current news about the cryptocurrency market. It is a great idea to stay current and follow the trends in the cryptocurrency market. You will be able to select the best currency trading pairs and earn more by applying recent information regarding cryptocurrency market trends.
  4. Invest the money you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrency trading is very profitable; however, we cannot overlook the potential risks in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. This is why you should only invest what you can afford to lose. We know about these risks; that is why we test different auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency to ensure they really work and users stand a higher chance of earning a profit. We are impressed with Crypto Revolt and encourage everyone to open an account and start trading with this crypto robot.

Follow these tips, and you will have a rewarding trading experience using excellent auto trading platforms such as Crypto Revolt.

Is there a Crypto Revolt mobile app?

We searched the app store on Android and iOS but did not find any mobile app for Crypto Revolt. However, we can say that the best way to access the platform is through your browser on smartphones and laptops.

Did Gordon Ramsay Endorse Crypto Revolt?

gordon ramsey

We have read online that Gordon Ramsay, the British celebrity chef, has endorsed Crypto Revolt, we needed to verify this information. Our investigations revealed that the information is false. There is no proof that Gordon Ramsay has endorsed the trading platform or invested in it. The rumors are posted online by affiliate marketers who are trying to increase traffic to their website.

Crypto Revolt is an independent and legit website; the brand is not affiliated with any marketing group who search for referrals and make bogus promises online.

We can confirm that any news about Crypto Revolt regarding endorsements will be published on the official website. So please ignore rumors online and avoid visiting those affiliate websites.

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☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Crypto Revolt Review: Our Conclusion!

Crypto Revolt Review: Our Conclusion!

We have comprehensively tested all the features of Crypto Revolt, and everything looks and works excellently. We are impressed with the simple and user-friendly interface on the platform. We also think it is a great idea that customer service is available 24/7, to serve users from all over the world. Creating an account is easy, and the platform is secured with reliable online security services to protect user data and funds. Making payments is easy, there are multiple payment methods for all users, and the payout system is transparent with no hidden fees.

Every feature on the trading platform works, and more especially, the robots are fast enough to increase the earning potentials of all users by performing quick trades when the prices of cryptocurrencies change favorably.

We can conclude that Crypto Revolt is a legit auto trading platform, and every user can start earning from their first trading session.

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